About The Artist

Nathaniel Massey comes by his talent naturally.  He’s been shooting the great outdoors since he was old enough to hold a camera.

In the 80′s Nathaniel graduated from the Brook’s Institute of Photography in Santa Barbara and immediately began his career as a cameraman and camera operator in the booming Vancouver Film Industry.  After nearly 30 years of working on award winning feature films and television series, Nathaniel and his wife Dian, also an artist and writer, moved to a ranch in the scenic Nicola Valley.

The big skies, rolling hills and dramatic weather provide Nathaniel with plenty of opportunity to capture the grandeur of this unique area so reminiscent of the wild west.  In his travels, Nathaniel has been repeatedly drawn to photograph the numerous stately old barns and abandoned rustic homesteads scattered throughout the area.  Some of these barns, more than 150 years old are gradually being reabsorbed by the earth and Nathaniel’s mission is to capture their solitary beauty before they’re gone for good.  His first collection “The Old Way Home”,  highlights the rustic charm of these century old buildings and leads one to imagine the daily life and hardship of the people that pioneered this part of Western Canada.

His unique eye and unusual angles have led people to wonder if such a setting can even be real.  All of his images are real, they are not  composites.  The big dramatic skies, the character of the working cowboy, the majestic trees, the glorious landscapes, and the beautiful faded old barns and buildings all tell a simple, perfect and true story of an earlier time.